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Natalie Wyatt - Biomechanics trainer 

 Shown to help prevent injury, improve mobility and increase freedom of movement

With a real passion for effective exercise, correct nutrition and general wellbeing, my aim has always been to help my clients feel as fit, healthy and full of vitality as they can.

Working as a personal trainer, it became obvious that there was a missing link. Many clients would come to me with great enthusiasm to get results, but poor alignment and posture were reducing the effectiveness of their workouts and potentially leading to injury. That missing link? Biomechanics.

Getting you into shape faster and more safely

Biomechanics deals with injury prevention & better mobility, together with performance optimisation. Now as a qualified biomechanics trainer, I look forward to helping you get into shape faster and more safely than before.

What to expect

After an initial consultation and assessment, I will create a personalised programme of straightfoward exercises, designed to help you move better and perform at your optimum – meaning you reduce the potential for painful and frustrating injuries, while gaining the maximum benefit from all the hard work you’re putting in to your exercise regime.

Sound good? Then please don’t hesitate to contact me, to understand a little more about how I can help.




(Biomechanics/massage packages price on request)

*Initial consultation can take up to 90mins

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